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Delta Provides safe, precise, timely and efficient hydro-excavation services with superior production to energy, infrastructure and industrial service industries in the Southwest, Southeast and Gulf Coast USA. We partner with you to understand the unique nature of your project and ensure safe execution.


The right choice for all of your safe digging needs.

Founded in 2014, Delta Daylighting is a regional leader in providing safe, proficient, timely, productive and affordable hydro-excavation.

With our fleet of Kaiser Premier hydro-excavation trucks and highly trained crews, our Team serves a wide range of industries including, Industrial Construction, Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Commercial Construction, Utilities, Municipal, Electrical & Mechanical, Telecommunication, Line Locating Services and Refineries.

Delta Values:

Our "core" values below are simply the way we approach our work, our Team and our community every single day.

Safety | Professionalism | Proficiency | Teamwork | Communication

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Our Primary Service Areas

"Daylighting", or exposing underground utilities or infrastructure to the daylight through non-destructive means, is safer, faster, less destructive and more environmentally friendly than any other method of excavation.

Delta Daylighting serves a broad range of industries from oil & gas to environmental firms. We help solve complex problems where non-destructive methods are required.

Daylighting is a term used to describe the uncovering and exposing of underground utilities and pipelines to the daylight, through non-destructive and more environmentally friendly means such as Hydro-Excavation from Delta!

We cut the dirt with high pressure water around underground utilities and vacuum it up, leaving clean, exposed and damage free infrastructure.

Pot holing is the process of digging a test hole to expose underground utilities. This can check the lines vertically and horizontally. Potholes vary in diameter from 6 inches to several feet and can go down 25 feet or more.

This is commonly used for anode installations, to emplace light poles or to check for existing lines prior to mechanical digging.

Trenching is commonly needed for installing pipes, cables, signs, posts and other utilities underground. Using hydro excavation for trenching is the most cost-effective way to either clear an area, or search for a utility line when the location is known or unknown.

These trenches can be large deep boxes to fully expose utilities for repair or replacement; or to Slot trench by digging narrow, shallow trenches.

Delta routinely produces 100-150 linear foot of trench per day (12”W x 36”D).

Cost efficient, safe utility line (inductive, conductive and GPR) locating unknown lines or infrastructure in the ground, prior to mechanical digging, to ensure safe digging and avoid damage to the utilities. We can use hydro excavation to locate lines and even mark them in preparation for future projects, in a safer, more environmentally friendly manner.

This is the process of fully excavating a large area where mechanical digging methods have been restricted, due to the large amount of underground infrastructure. Inside Oil & Gas plants, refineries and stations, Delta can be most effective with our skilled crews and high rates of production to create large sloped boxes and wide openings in the earth to expose the infrastructure for repair/replacement. Delta consistently produces over 25 cubic yards per day, per truck. More when dump and water are on site.

Let us use our top-notch hydro excavation equipment to clean your 60′ deep lift station. Our giant positive displacement blowers will quickly and efficiently clean your tank.

This is when the hydrovac truck cannot get to the area that needs exposed. Delta is able to park the vehicle up to several hundred feet away, connect the longer hoses, and dig away from the truck. This allows Delta to get into places not easily accessible due to powerlines or other obstacles.

Often times our non-toxic mud/water spoils cannot be disposed of on site. Delta partners with customers to find and source local and the most cost effective location to act as approved dump facilities, in order to minimize customer impact during planning.

Delta’s operators are trained and skilled at supporting emergency and disaster response to assist with clean up related to disasters, spills or flooding to remove debris, sludge, sewage or waste.

We are routinely called on to assist Pipeline Operators in conducting their integrity maintenance programs of owned pipeline, by exposing the utilities for safe testing of their infrastructure.

We routinely provide expert hydro excavation services to multiple industry sectors and applications, including:

  • Telecomm
  • Power
  • Oil and Gas
  • Municipal
  • Refineries
  • Chemical

Companies who Trust in Delta


 It is everyone's responsibility.

Delta believes that our people are our most important asset. Therefore we invest heavily in safety to ensure our team goes home to their family at the end of each job.

Delta Daylighting operators and technicians are trained and certified prior to operating our hydro excavation equipment. Safety is a priority at Delta, from PPE and ground spotters, to weekly safety meetings led by senior management, it is part of our culture.

Our operators are empowered to make safety based decisions when they see a hazard. We take the health and safety of our Team and our customers seriously.

We conduct rigorous background checks and drug testing of all employees through Federally approved entities to ensure that qualified crews are available to operate in the most stringent safety environments

Each crew member receives Operator Qualifications through certified means, prior to conducting work


The Best, or Nothing.

Delta Daylighting operates a fleet of late model, well maintained, hydro-excavation systems and associated support equipment, manufactured by KAISER PREMIER.

Our fleet are the biggest and most powerful Hydro Excavation trucks in the industry. As we continue to expand our geographic influence, we Continually upgrade our fleet to maintain the best and most advanced equipment available.

Our fleet is equipped with Electronic Logs and GPS by Zonar, so you always know where your truck is.

We use Nylus Power Systems to provide digital dispatching with electronic field service tickets. This allows you to immediately receive daily tickets and weekly invoices throughout the job

Advantages of Delta Hydro Excavation Technology:

  • Excavation up to 100' deep
  • Excavate 500' from the truck
  • Excavate in confined spaces and congested areas
  • Excavate where overhead restrictions exist
  • Minimize ground disturbance
  • Eliminate damage to subsurface infrastructure of all kinds
  • Eliminate project delays resulting from damaged utilities

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Servicing the Gulf Coast Region, we are your trusted partner for safe, affordable and highly productive hydro-excavation. Put us next to the competition, to see the Delta difference.

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We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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